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we can help you with those rare and hard to find globes – if they are still available we will source them for you.


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Make finding the right light globe our challenge!

Do we supply cheap LEDS? Well there’s the thing, like most things in life you get what you pay for… and saving a few pennies purchasing a second rate product might not work out well in the longer term. We sell quality lightglobes, paricularly LEDs because what you are purchasing is reliability!

Are you looking for a specific globe? Some of the “old globes” are hard to find, but we might have them.If we dont stock them we might know someone who does.

So ask the question: is this or that globe it still available?  With changes in importing regulations  it is becoming more difficult to match globes you might  really need to find.

We might have it here, or failing that  if it is still available we will find it for you!

Ask the question!

where can i get this globe?

 email us is the e-commerce platform for design lighting – a business based in Launceston Tasmania .

We source our globes from reputable suppliers. We dont want the problems of sorting out issues when things go wrong, any more than you do!

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